Wednesday’s cat is lacking ears

OMG! I want one

Why Evolution Is True

We’ve met Gus the Cat before (here, here, and here), whose staff consists of reader Taskin. Gus lost his ears when he was caught in a live-trap set for him during a very cold winter in Canada. Trapped in a cage in freezing weather, Gus got frostbite, eventually losing his ears and nearly his toes. But Taskin took him in, and now he’s the happiest, sweetest, whitest and fluffiest cat ever. I call him “earless and fearless.” In fact, his truncated ears make him look extra cute.

Taskin sent me two recent photos of Gus. The first was labelled “What do you suppose Gus is thinking?”

Gus thinking Local laws dictate that Gus and all moggies must wear a leash when outdoors (he has a nice red harness).

It was also sent to reader Natalie Claudia Ingrid Pfeiffer, who responded with a haiku (not in her native tongue!):

“To save my green world,
Why can’t you…

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