Update: Jerry Coyne the Cat


Why Evolution Is True

From Christchurch, New Zealand we get a report on Jerry Coyne the Cat from his adoptive staff, forwarded by his original foster mom Gayle Ferguson. And the news is heartening:

Well Jerry continues to rule. His coat is very thick and his tail gets fluffier every day. Growing so fast and will be a big cat I think. A very loud purr box and sleeps under the covers on the cold nights. Chases all the neighbourhood cats away and regularly hangs out with the chickens. One day lying with them in the sunshine but moved before I got the camera ready. He still doesn’t quite get the cat door which is a pain but when he wants to come in he flies in so you have to stand back!

An absolute sweetie who is much more of a lap cat than he was initially. Gives Loki [the other cat in…

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