Somali woman reportedly killed for not wearing a veil

Can we all just be treated equally, how do you treat women so badly when without them there would be no more men(DUH!)!!!!!!

Why Evolution Is True

I say “reportedly,” because although the BBC reports it as news, it is based on hearsay from relatives and so must be hedged. But if it’s true, what can you say about groups that will kill women based on their failure to cover their faces. The same thing, I suppose, you’d say about those who mutilate schoolgirls for the crime of wanting to study. From the BBC report:

Militant Islamists in Somalia have shot dead a Muslim woman for refusing to wear a veil, her relatives say.

Ruqiya Farah Yarow was killed outside her hut near the southern Somali town of Hosingow by gunmen belonging to the al-Shabab group, they say.

The militants had ordered her to put on a veil, and then killed her after returning and finding she was still not wearing one, the relatives said.

An al-Shabab spokesman denied the group had killed the woman.

The hedges…

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