Readers’ wildlife photos

Very cool

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s another batch from Steve Pinker’s trip to Uganda. I gather he’s back from Tasmania now, so expect some photos from there. The captions are Pinkah’s

A yawning Chlorocebus pygerythrus, aka vervet:

yawning vervet-L

Eye contact with Chamaeleonidae (not sure which of the 160 species this is [JAC: can readers help?]):

eye contact with chameleon-L

Happy hippo family (Hippopotamus amphibius):

happy hippo family-L

Collared lion (Panthera leo) on a mound:

collared lion on mound playing w other lions-L

Grass stem with a Southern Red Bishop (Euplectes orix): [JAC: the source of the name is obvious!]

grass stem w red bishop-L

Here’s a short video of one building a grass nest (Wikipedia notes that males build several nests at the start of the breeding season to attract females.

It still amazes me that the construction of such elaborate nests is hard-wired in its genome, since birds can do it without learning. Somehow in the configuration of neurons and molecules in its tiny brain is a…

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