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Daily Prompt: Full Disclosure

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

Again… Um HELLO?  Of COURSE I would accept the chip!  I’m so paranoid about what everyone REALLY thinks of me.  I used to work at a coffee/convenient store.  I still go in (I’m going as soon as I write this).  As soon as I leave the store, I always wonder what they’re all saying about me.  If you haven’t noticed, self confidence is something I’m severely lacking.  I’m working on it, through blogging actually (showing someone outside of my parents my actual work), but it’s a slow process.

After I have dinner at someone’s house, a few days later the rumors start.  I ignore them of course, but you know what they say… “There’s…

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